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  • Breakthrough in the theory of stochastic differential equations and their simulation
    Friends, I have written the program series solution to SDEs and their density that is accurate to dt^2. I continued to work on it yesterday and was able to complete ...
    by Amin at 02:40 2021-11-29
  • Nouvelles de France
    What is French for “death spiral”? ...
    by Paul at 18:07 2021-11-28
  • The vaccines
    The use of Greek letters is no doubt confusing to some. I think we should move to naming after internet acronyms, which are universally understood. Then we can have: - the LOL ...
    by Alan at 17:25 2021-11-28
  • Peru, land of vampires ...
    by ExSan at 12:11 2021-11-28
  • FSU, Toby Young, Eugenics &
    A lady, admiring my dog, asked what his name was. I thought I'd try woke so said "You've just misgendered my dog. It's a she." I don't think she quite ...
    by Paul at 07:43 2021-11-28
  • Random quotes
    When asked why he ate all the fries, Mallory is reported as saying “Because they’re there.” ...
    by Paul at 00:34 2021-11-28
  • Bad reporting
    Stephen Sondheim, who according to the news “reinvented musical theatre,” has died. That’s snobbish critics for you, he almost killed it off! Everyone loved his early “West Side Story,” “Gypsy” ...
    by Paul at 19:21 2021-11-27
  • "Unified Revolution" new book by Espen Haug
    One can derived the same universe equation as in the published paper further above (where used relativistic modified Newtonian mechanics) also from my new quantum gravity field equation.  Unified Quantum Gravity ...
    by Collector at 16:11 2021-11-27
  • Your rants here ...
    by Paul at 21:56 2021-11-26
  • End of bitcoin?
    "It's hardball world, son." Indeed, and you don't see this very often. Market Summary > Bitcoin 54,322.80USD +53,555.82 (6,982.69%) past 5 years (Since December 2, 2016) (and it's still a very expensive tulip/ornament!) ...
    by trackstar at 20:55 2021-11-26