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  • Combining volatility with time
    The counter argument is that sometimes the lack of an *acceptable* model should be a reason not to do the trade. At least not to do it in size. That's the ...
    by Gamal at 22:30 2022-09-24
  • Russia земля борца самбо
    It was one of may spams by Cuch. The thread is called Russia. I would not disagree with that. ...
    by bearish at 22:00 2022-09-24
  • Random photo's
    Your posts lately. Are you trying to tell us something? tags, your friend ...
    by tagoma at 20:41 2022-09-24
  • Breakthrough in the theory of stochastic differential equations and their simulation
    Though I have described in the previous post but let me summarize the algorithm again that it optimizes weights of neural network sequentially in the direction of increasing objective function, ...
    by Amin at 18:38 2022-09-24
  • Those crazeeeee Dutch
    Cuch, wanna ya’t? ...
    by katastrofa at 17:37 2022-09-24
  • What is democracy?
    I know nothing about the Democratic Party. Neither about the GOP. I was addressing only some basic definitions, more from arithmetic than politics. ...
    by Gamal at 16:28 2022-09-24
  • What is Trussonomics?
    EDIT: It's Rosie Holt. ...
    by Marsden at 16:17 2022-09-24
  • Melodic Metal
    Slavic folk vibes and songs here: (the guy is from Belarus, but he seems refer to Slavs who lived in today's East of Germany - just a feel I ...
    by katastrofa at 13:15 2022-09-24
  • News from the 'Border'
    Cuch is certainly a Catholic atheist but the question remains: whom does he hate more? What is stronger: tribal identity of belief? ...
    by Gamal at 08:45 2022-09-24
  • is twitter for mentally ill people?
    Anus already is a backdoor. no? Pretty sure that’s what she meant. Although the backie didn’t go quite that far. ...
    by bearish at 22:19 2022-09-23