You Naughty Spies

I’d like to share statistics that I recently discovered after installing the Ghostery privacy tool, used for finding and blocking trackers on websites.There’s been a lot in the news about Edward Snowden and his information about the data collected by the US agency NSA. Quite rightly so. In the UK this information is being published by The Guardian newspaper. I was on The Guardian website for some reason (believe me, I don’t do this often) and Ghostery told me there were 17 trackers monitoring me. This seemed a lot. On we have just two or three. Being an inquisitive sort, I went to the front pages of other UK newspapers, magazines, etc. And guess what?

That’s right, The Guardian, who have got all foamy at the mouth about the NSA spying, are doing more spying than any of these other websites.

Here is the data, taken from the front pages only of each website.

Guardian 17
Daily Telegraph 13
Mirror 13
Spectator 12
Daily Mail 11
Times 11
Express 9
Sun 8
Private Eye 3 2


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