Wilmott 100: Paul Wilmott Waxes Nostalgic

Randeep Gug, Director of the CQF Institute talks to Paul Wilmott and Dan Tudball on the publication of the 100th issue of Wilmott Magazine

Wilmott Magazine reached the milestone of 100 issues with the publication of the March 2019 edition. What better time then to delve into the history of the magazine, the changes in quantitative finance over the last two decades and what the future holds for the quant community and the magazine that serves them?

Randeep Gug, Director of the CQF Institute, chats with Paul Wilmott and Dan Tudball about the highlights of 100 issues, favorite articles and covers, influential papers, planning without planning and the future of quantitative finance. Oh, and chicken biryani …

“It seems like only … well, actually, it does seem like quite a long time!”