Trading: At Rest

Sterling Trading Tech Reports Increased Adoption of Its Rest API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) cloud-based Risk & Margin System. Driven Risk & Margin System

Sterling Trading Tech (STT), a provider of technology solutions for real-time risk management and margin calculations for equities, equity options, futures, and options on futures reports continuous interest and adoption of its Rest API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) cloud-based Risk & Margin System.

The Sterling Risk & Margin System (SRM) provides analytics as a RaaS (Risk-as-a-Service) solution utilizing quantitative and big data techniques to manage risk in real-time. The SRM calculates risk scenarios, stress tests, portfolio margin, risk-based haircuts, maintenance margin, and VaR for each account, with the capability to add and handle firm-specific house rules. Additionally, the SRM is utilized by FiNRA-approved broker and dealers and have been included in FINRA applications as the house risk and margin management system.

While the SRM offers a GUI for client front-end access via its browser-based risk monitor, the cloud-based technology also offers access using its API. This has contributed to the continued adoption by clearing firms, hedge funds, broker-dealers, and proprietary trading groups, who can not only monitor risk using the GUI but can pull data into their downstream systems using the API.

“We have seen an increase in clients utilizing the Rest API alongside the GUI and integrating the data and analytics into their existing systems. In some cases, it is specifically for filling a need by utilizing one aspect of the system,” states Andrew Actman, Managing Director of Business Development. “The ability for clients to manage their risk and margin together in one real-time solution is a game-changer for the industry.”

The Sterling Risk & Margin product line’s latest release includes support of global equity and equity options markets for risk calculations. It also released a custom house/risk policy builder functionality allowing users to construct and manage their own risk or margin policy using any combination of risk measures, including multiple price and volatility scenarios, an OCC TIMS estimate with various addons and VaR (Value at Risk).

As a provider of equity and equity options trading solutions, STT offers trading platforms, OMS and infrastructure solutions, and risk and margin tools. Its professional and retail trading platforms are available to the global trading community for equities, options, futures, and digital assets.