Things That Haven’t Been Said About The EU Referendum

Debate? Debate?? They don’t know the meaning of debate!

The two sides have both in their own ways been like broken records. The same old arguments with made-up stuff passed off as facts. Now obviously I believe the Remain campaign are far and away the bigger tellers of untruths. But, you know what? There actually aren’t any facts to be had. Not a single one. All you’ve got to help you make decisions is your common sense.

So I’m going to explain a few things that I don’t think have been discussed enough, and throw some common sense into the ring. And I’ll do a little bit of unspinning. At least those are my intentions.

Yesterday I heard Cameron say that by staying in the EU we would be able to promote British values in the EU. And this was supposed to be a good thing. Sounds like a typical Dave soundbite. And typically one that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Even if we wanted the rest of the EU to have our values there are still 27 countries trying to push their values on us. One against 27? We lose. Again. But, hey, why should we want France, Italy, Poland to have our values? Their values are none of our business. And if you recall, pushing unwanted values on people doesn’t tend to go down well. Compare and contrast the Middle East. Equally, I don’t want French,… values. All I care about is that the UK retains British values. Which leads on to…

I rather like the fact that different countries in the EU are…different. With different values, weather, customs, etc. Before you know it the megalomaniacs in Brussels will be trying to move mountains. Wouldn’t it be right and proper if Mont Blanc were divvied up across the whole of the EU? Maybe spread out the Spanish weather uniformly? (Ok, maybe that one.) I like Europe a lot. But I like variety. I don’t like the homogeneous mess that it is becoming.

I think the Brexit campaign are being unduly negative about Cameron’s pledge to reduce immigration to five figures instead of six. It can be done. His tame economics experts will be able to explain this, on the grounds of supply and demand. Once the UK becomes a disaster zone like Greece that will sort out immigration. No one will want to come here.

Finally, we are told that it could take ten years to negotiate a trade deal with the EU if we leave. I agree totally. However, it’s not the UK that would take the time. It’s not Canada that’s slow to negotiate. The common factor is the EU. The reason is that we would be negotiating with bureaucrats and lawyers. Some of you reading this will be business people. You’ve done deals, right? Many of them. And how much use were the lawyers? I know they plugged a few loopholes for you, but didn’t you get to a point where you just had to get the deal done, despite the lawyers, never thanks to the lawyers? Can you imagine dealing independently with the Chinese (population 1.4 billion)? Again, if you’ve worked with the Chinese you’ll know that they move at lightning speed. Or the Commonwealth (population 2.1 billion)? Or would you rather restrict yourself to the EU (population 0.5 billion) and have the lawyers negotiate all your business deals. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, often, that if lawyers ran the world we’d still all be living in caves. But the lawyers would have the biggest caves.

I’d like to end this rant by suggesting something that’s again not politically correct. And that is, if you don’t know which way to vote then just don’t vote. All those people who suffered and died to get everyone the vote didn’t do so in order for you to toss a coin (as I’ve heard at least one person say).