Technology: SigTech’s Expansive 2021

Leading Quant Technologies Provider SigTech Reports Strong Growth in 2021. Clients with combined AUM of over $5 trillion

SigTech, a quant technologies provider, has seen multi-fold growth in 2021. Clients with combined AUM of over $5 trillion in are now using its enterprise SaaS platform in over a dozen countries including mainland China. 

In addition to hedge funds and asset managers, clients now include pension funds, investment banks, fintechs, data vendors and the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.

SigTech now employs around 70 people, more than doubling its headcount during the course of last year.

The firm’s rapid growth is due to its relentless focus on providing an extraordinary customer experience, the accelerating adoption of a data-driven investment process and more investment managers embracing cloud services.

The firm also benefited from the continual rollout of new product features. The latest new offerings include the launch of its Data Showroom to bridge the gap in bringing alternative data to market. It enables portfolio managers and quant researchers to assess the true value in alternative data within days rather than months by providing preloaded, mapped and harmonized data along with interactive code examples and case studies.

Bin Ren, Founder and CEO of SigTech, said: “2021 was an exciting year for us – we enjoyed multi-fold growth in many aspects of the business by focusing on the continual improvement of the customer experience and product range.  SigTech’s  mission is to unlock the true worth of data. There are many  inefficiencies and imbalances in the fast-growing data economy. We’ll continue to innovate at a fast pace to grow the financial data ecosystem for all participants.”

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