SiGTech Plumbs the Data Lake

SIGTech, a provider of next-gen quant trading technology for global investment managers, has announced that it has integrated with IHS Markit Data Lake. The integration facilitates access to over 1,500 proprietary datasets curated by IHS […]


In Code We Trust

You’re at a fund that doesn’t want to burn headcount hiring their own data, storage, and sysadmin team, and you’re not alone. Financial institutions of all sizes realize that it is expensive to meet the […]

Wilmott Inner Circle

Data and Code for R Tutorial on Machine Learning: How to Visualize Option-like Hedge Fund Returns for Risk Analysis

You’ve just tried to access content that is only available to WILMOTT INNER CIRCLE members! Membership of WIC is a simple, free, upgrade to ordinary membership of All we need is a bit more personal […]


Big Time Series Analysis with JuliaDB

The next generation of data analysis requires the next generation of tools. The most popular opensource packages for data analysis (Python’s pandas and various R packages) are designed to work with small files of basic […]