We are relaunching wilmott.com surveys. Here are the results of a few trial surveys. If you would like to commission a survey (and we do run many serious ones!), please contact dan@wilmott.com.

January 2017

About torture…
A terrorist has tied your baby to a timebomb. You have the terrorist. He tells you that you have one hour before the bomb goes off. Would you include torture as one of the ways to save your baby?

Yes, I would consider torturing the terrorist 47.7%

No, I would never use torture 52.3%

This question was posed on twitter by comedian Lee Hurst after Donald Trump’s recent comments about torture.

The survey was discussed here, with the predictable comments being made: https://forum.wilmott.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=100524

September 2016

It has been said on wilmott.com that quants don’t mention their children very much. The obvious question is therefore “How many children do you have?”

Zero 65%

1 9%

2 16%

3 6%

4 2%

5 0%

6 1%

>=7 1%

About Jeremy Corbyn…

Jeremy Corbyn is the best thing to have happened to the Labour Party 45%

Jeremy Corbyn is the best thing to have happened to the Conservative Party 55%

US Election 2016: If you have a vote and are intending to vote, who do you prefer?

Clinton 38%

Trump 62%