Sir Bob Geldof, We Who Are About To Thrive Salute You!


A big, big thank you from those of us who wanted out of the EU to:

Lord Stuart Rose, leader of the Remain camp, for his timely confession

David Cameron, for his forecast of imminent nuclear war. Is it safe to come out of my bunker yet?

Barack Obama, for his ignorant threats

Jean-Claude Juncker, for pure nastiness. Take more water with it, JC

Jeremy Corbyn, we give you ten out of ten for your enthusiasm

George Osborne, for his bully-boy budget

Eddie Izzard, for…well, just being himself…and in a pink beret

And last but not least, thank you, thank you to Sir Bob Geldof. We could not have done it without your totally inappropriate, ill-judged, and downright offensive behaviour

There are many, many more of you who do not understand the British character and the issues that worry the British working class. To each and everyone of you I raise my glass.