What information we hold about members

For the vast majority of wilmott.com members the only information we hold is a username, an email address, IP addresses and responses to emails. Your password is encrypted so we have no access to that. Change or delete information.

For some members we hold additional information, such as if they have done the CQF or if they have responded to surveys. In particular we hold more information, voluntarily given, about members of the Wilmott Inner Circle (WIC).  Change or delete information.

Why we have that information

We hold email addresses in order to send mailshots. These mailshots inform members about activity on the website, about upcoming events, new books, etc., things we believe that members of wilmott.com will be interested in. Some mailshots are sent on behalf of partner businesses and other companies and individuals, but again only on topics we believe will be of interest to members. Change or delete information.

Other information, such as that about CQF and WIC membership, is used to help us decide what topics will be of interest to members so as to direct magazine and website content. Change or delete information.

Who uses the information

The information we hold is only ever seen by employees of and consultants to Wilmott Electronic Media Ltd, Wilmott Magazine Ltd and Wilmott Associates. It is not seen by any other partners, businesses, companies or individuals. Wilmott.com has existed as a discussion forum since 2001, IN ALL THAT TIME WE HAVE NEVER SOLD, GIVEN AWAY OR SHOWN INFORMATION ABOUT INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS TO ANY OTHER PERSON OR BUSINESS AND DO NOT INTEND TO DO SO IN THE FUTURE. If you don’t believe us you can always change or delete information.

What you can do about the information we hold

You can easily edit your own profile by going to the Forum, clicking on your avatar and then “User Control Panel.” Under “Profile” and also “Edit account settings” you’ll find things you might want to change.

If you are a member of the WIC then you can go to https://www.wilmott.com/my-personal-information/ and make whatever changes/deletions you want.

If you are part of the CQF Group then you can resign from the group by going to your “User Control Panel” and then “Usergroups.”

If you want to be removed from our mailing list then there is always an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every mailshot.

If the above isn’t clear, or if in any doubt, you can always email admin@wilmott.com with requests. We can do anything from adding you to lists, to removing you and all your forum posts as if you never existed. There is one caveat to that: If you want to delete individual posts because you wrote something silly then you can and must do that yourself.


Put it this way, the proprietor of this website is himself not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,… and has an appreciation for privacy not shared by certain infamous CEOs. However, he does subscribe to a couple of gardening websites, one or two ukulele websites, and a few others on obscure topics almost as niche as quant finance. He’s not too worried about these, and you shouldn’t be worried about wilmott.com.