Policing The Police

I was at the G20 protests in London on 1st April. I took this photograph of the ‘charming gentlemen’ who were supposed to be keeping the peace. As we know they were instead beating people up, and slapping women around, hence their disguises. I mention this now because I’ve just seen a BBC story in which an MP is reported as saying that “police must modify their behaviour in an age where their actions were easily filmed by the public.” Translated this means that if they are not being photographed then they can do what they like. A bit like MPs and their expenses, if no one can see what they are up to then they should be expected to get away with what they can.

It seems to old-fashioned me that police, MPs, anyone with a position of responsibility in public life, should have the personality and self control to stay within the letter and spirit of the law and be role models for everyone else. This is Britain, not Italy!