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Quant Lessons From The Royal Wedding

29th April 2011 Paul 0

I like to teach certain quant finance ideas by reference to real life, often involving supermarkets and tins of baked beans (see for example The Role of Mathematics in Finance: Relevance, Reliance, Robustness). This is […]

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11th April 2011 Paul 0

In 1983 Howard Gardner proposed a theory of ‘multiple intelligences,’ and to date has listed eight different types: Spatial; Linguistic; Logical-mathematical; Bodily-kinesthetic; Musical; Interpersonal; Intrapersonal; Naturalistic. The interesting point about this is not the concept, […]

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Rewarding Mathematics

14th March 2011 Paul 0

We hear a lot about how talent will leave the major financial centres if taxes or regulations become unacceptable. That people move to more favourable locations is more or less plausible. But what seems to […]

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