Opscore Web Service

ITO33’s Opscore Web Service delivers easy, cutting-edge engagement with the convertible bonds market for non-specialists

Two decades in the market have seen ITO33 firmly establish itself as the solution provider of choice for convertible bond specialists. This gold standard is delivered via Opscore, the firm’s front-office solution for pricing, hedging, and analysis of convertible securities. Opscore brings together the most advanced data model of terms and conditions available in the market, and a pricing engine built on ITO33’s cutting-edge research and methodologies – the core of the firm’s expertise.

ITO33’s unique perspective and position in the market has led to the development of a new service which will broaden access to the firm’s expertise beyond dedicated convertibles players to users who are not 100 percent focused on the asset class. Potential users include risk management groups, valuation needs, equity financing desks, securities lending/ financing, collateral management teams, and prime brokers dealing with convertible bonds.


Opscore Web Service

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