Name and Shame in Our New Blame Game!

We are running a survey.

As a break from blaming anonymous men in suits for the current crisis, can you tell us which quants and which models ought to take some of the responsibility for recent events?

We are collecting names of blameworthy researchers and models here. (You must be logged in to to see this page.) Include as much information as you can about which of the models or methods you think are the most dangerous or just plain useless. Include citations as well if you can! But even if you haven’t got the details to hand, please feel free to just give us a name together with any ‘advice’ for them, polite or otherwise! This can be constructive, we can use this opportunity to promote good modelling, research and numerical methods. But it can also be a way to release tension, especially if you’ve just lost your job or your savings!

The motivation behind this survey was seeing the usual suspects still speaking at conferences, running workshops, etc. as if nothing has happened. (See an earlier blog.) I will give these people the benefit of the doubt, that maybe they believe their work is of good quality. But there are a lot of people, perhaps the majority, who take the research of these ‘leaders in their field’ as gospel, they are the poor souls who end up suffering. In the interests of good research please join me in saying that the Emperor has no clothes.