Mark Carney To Join Strictly Come Dancing

Will Young leaving “Strictly Come Dancing” early has left a vacancy.

We can report that Mark Carney is in line to be his replacement.

The clues were all there.

Was Mervyn King ever seen at a music festival wearing glitter?







Would Mervyn King violate Health and Safety Regulations just for a photo op?

Bank of England governor Mark Carney tests a new polymer five pound note as he buys lunch at Whitecross Street Market in London, Britain September 13, 2016. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth







No. But Mark Carney wants to be a “Celeb.”

Tall, good looking, he’ll probably do very well on Strictly. He’ll certainly be a better dancer than he is Governor of the Bank of England.

The problem is that Carney has an Ideology. And he has Power.

  • No Power + No Ideology = You & me
  • Power + No Ideology = Can be good (e.g. Theresa May, fingers crossed)
  • No Power + Ideology = Entertaining (e.g. Jeremy Corbyn)
  • But…Power + Ideology = Dangerous (e.g. Mark Carney)

Carney has an Ideology, he has a Theory. His Theory involves Interest Rates. His Theory says “If in doubt cut interest rates.” Forget the fact that at the current low level such cuts do more harm than good, storing up problems for his successor.

And with Carney leaving the BoE there’ll be a vacancy there.

How hard a job can it be? I believe that Mel, Sue and Mary are looking for employment.





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