Julia In Finance Seminar

Industry experts will demonstrate how Julia is being used in financial services to gain a mathematical computing advantage on their competitors.

16 March, 6.00pm – 9.00pm GMT

Fitch Learning, 55 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7NE

In partnership with Julia Computing, the CQF Institute invites you to attend this upcoming free seminar.

Attend live in London or join the online webcast.

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Event Overview

The seminar will introduce you to the Julia mathematical programming language from the creators themselves. Industry experts will demonstrate how Julia is being used in financial services  to gain a mathematical computing advantage on their competitors.

The session will also cover the upcoming deep learning and machine learning capabilities already available in Julia through MXNet, TensorFlow and Mocha.

Timetable (GMT)

6.00pm – Registration & Welcome

6.10pm – Overview of Julia Computing and Products

Dr. Viral Shah, CEO Julia Computing / Co-Creator Julia Language

6.30pm – Large Scale Solvency II Compliant Capital Allocation Models at Aviva

Tim Thornham, Financial Modeling Solutions Director, Aviva

6.50pmDemo of JuliaRun – Limitless Scalability

Avik Sengupta, VP of Engineering, Julia Computing

7.10pm Demo of JuliaFin – Time Series Analytics & Financial Contracts Made Easy

Simon Byrne, Core Developer, Julia Computing

7.30pm – Julia Powered Foreign Exchange Trading Analytics at BestX

 Pete Eggleston, Co-Founder & Director, BestX Ltd
 Matt Hardcastle, Senior Architect, BestX Ltd  

7.50pm – Networking & Refreshments

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