Tech Lead – Mobile Backend

6 April 2021


The Mobile Backend team builds the services that power ZALORA's native mobile apps. You will lead a chapter of engineers that each belongs to a cross-functional squad. You will be responsible for driving the team's progress, and for researching, planning, and executing technical initiatives that keep the team on the edge of technology. The mobile backend team works almost exclusively with Go, and has pioneered many of the innovations of the ZALORA backend in recent years, including the use of binary transport protocols, event-driven architectures, a unified microservice ecosystem, "you build it, you run it" high-autonomy culture, multi-stage continuous deployment, and more. There is more to come, and as a tech lead you will be on the front lines of this work.


  • Lead and manage a chapter of mobile backend engineers.
  • Set the technical standard for the team.
  • Drive the progress of the product and technical roadmap.
  • Guide teammates in architecting highly scalable distributed systems.
  • Build high performance, well-structured backend services.
  • Plan and implement changes to the mobile backend architecture.


  • Experience leading a team of engineers.
  • Experience architecting non-trivial software systems and bringing them to production.
  • Experience using idiomatic Go in production. If you don't know Go but are still interested in the position, learn it before the first interview and we'll discuss. It's an easy language, we promise.
  • Solid computer science fundamentals (theory, data structures, algorithms, design patterns).

ZALORA Engineering

ZALORA is the leading e-commerce company providing fashion throughout South East Asia. ZALORA Engineering has teams in Singapore and Vietnam to serve millions of users in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines. This regional diversity presents a lot of interesting challenges that you and your colleagues will face. You will learn a lot by tackling these challenges.

The ZALORA Story

ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion, beauty and lifestyle destination, part of Global Fashion Group. As one of the region’s pioneer large-scale ecommerce platforms, ZALORA has established a strong presence throughout the region, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and in Taiwan, enjoying over 50 million visits per month.

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