Static Code Analysis – Senior Java Developer at SonarSource (Geneva, Switzerland)

7 April 2021
Geneva, Switzerland
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The impact you can have

The SonarSource Languages Team is looking for a passionate Senior Java Developer to create the most advanced static analyzers in the world.

By joining our team, you will be part of an autonomous team without a manager. You will choose what to work on. Within our team, you will be supported by great colleagues who are always willing to exchange knowledge. 

Using your expertise you will contribute to the growth of the development and professional skills of the team, and focus on what matters.

On a daily basis, you will

  • Develop new and maintain existing features for code analyzers for different programming languages (Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, TSQL, PHP, and many others)

  • Evolve the way our analyzers understand code by creating ever-better models and develop new rules on top of them

  • Contribute to the open-source community by developing open source products under the SonarSource umbrella and contributing back to libraries used by our products

As a Senior Java Developer, you will 

  • Actively participate in daily development tasks as everyone in the team

  • Lead by example, mentor and grow more junior members of the team

  • Help collectively define the team’s short and long term goals

  • Take technical ownership by consistently producing high-quality static analyzers which contribute to SonarSource products’ recognition

  • Help improve the team's effectiveness by challenging and continuously improving existing processes, designs, and engineering practices

  • Get involved in the definition of new features and technologies which will have an impact on code quality and security of the hundreds of thousands of developers around the world

  • Have an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the team by participating in the recruitment process

The skills you will demonstrate

  • Leadership; you take initiative and demonstrate your ability to lead a subject from beginning to the end

  • Desire to grow, train and assist others in their delivery

  • Proven ability to develop in Java with clean code

  • Excellent engineering skills and good Computer Science fundamentals

  • Fluency in source code quality: tests (unit and functional), CI/CD

  • Experience with agile practices and principles

  • Comfortable in dealing with change and complexity

  • Self-confidence to challenge the status quo as well as openness to being challenged

  • Compiler frontend knowledge is not required; you will learn it while working at SonarSource

As a Senior Java Developer, we are searching for someone with both strong technical and leadership skills.

Words from the team

The Languages Team's mission is to build state-of-the-art static analyzers used by millions of developers.

We want to help developers to write better and safer code by spotting issues of several kinds for all major programming languages:

  • Maintainability issues: code smells

  • Reliability issues: bugs

  • Security issues: vulnerabilities and security hotspots

Ultimately, we target all issues which can be found through static analysis, even if they require a very deep understanding of the code. The sky's the limit! We believe that, as a side effect, our analyzers should educate developers about coding best practices thanks to the rule descriptions and to the raised issues.

From a SonarSource perspective, the mission of the Language Team is to generate the data that will provide the most valuable feedback for users of SonarSource’s products.

How to perform during interviews

If you want to have an overview of the hiring process and maximize your chances to pass, feel free to check our Interview Preparation Guide!


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