Sr Frontend Engineer at Polar App, Inc. () (allows remote)

1 May 2021


Our ideal candidate has a strong background in frontend development, a fullstack interest, and preferably some AI experience. Specifically:

  • Min 5 years of frontend experience - Javascript, React, React Native, PWAs, NodeJS

  • Decent understanding of developing on phone, mobile, and desktop

  • Understanding of web browser internals and modern APIs (service workers, PWAs, offline, etc)

  • Experience with Typescript and Firebase preferred

  • Experience with PDFs or EPUBs big plus

  • Strong preference for previous startup experience

  • Analytical thinking. Deep respect for the scientific method and objective data analysis

We are a very small team and this is a crucial hire for us. We are looking to hire for the long-term, and we expect this role to become a core part of the team moving forward. We strongly respect your work life balance but we are looking for someone who is passionate about the product and role, not just another 9-5 job. We want someone whose incentives are aligned with ours and who is as passionate about building an early stage startup as we are. We are financially covered for the next few years, so stability in this role is provided.