Software Developer

Sheakley Group
10 June 2021


Job Summary:

As a Software Developer for the Sheakley IT department, focusing on the development of applications for the MCO UniComp division, you will play an integral role in the design, testing, and maintenance of our software systems. We are currently undergoing a complete overhaul of our legacy client-server application and replacing with a new Micro-Service oriented 100% web-based application(s). You will be tasked with building new service oriented applications, working with API's, building backend processing applications and developing innovative reporting solutions. This position requires that you work with a team of developers to coordinate your development activities, but also requires that you be able to work for periods of time largely on your own. We are looking for a self starter who is able to quickly adapt to newer technologies and methods of accomplishing tasks. We are looking for individuals who although the technology may change, the personnel do not as they are able to adapt, understand and master new technologies over time.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is able to pick up and learn new technologies and skills with ease. A candidate who can work solo as well as part of a small team and can quickly bounce from one task to an unrelated task as needs or business demands. The ideal candidate takes personal ownership of ensuring their skills are constantly refreshed and kept current. They have an attention to detail and a desire to constantly improve themselves. They will have demonstrated in the past the ability to investigate, evaluate and recommend solutions utilizing 3rd party libraries, applications, API's and integrate them into new and existing internal applications. They will be fully self-sufficient in C# without need for external assistance. They will have experience in Angular and understand Angular and web development.

Responsibilities (to include, but not limited to):

  • Collaborate with other developers and Business Managers to design and implement new features.
  • Meet deadlines and satisfy all programming and business requirements.
  • Quickly write well-structured code that is documented and works in an optimal manner.
  • Take ownership of assigned tasks and drive them thru to completion in an efficient manner.
  • Communicate frequently and effectively with other developers, managers, business partners and other technical teams to ensure constant progress and that all required resources understand your needs.
  • Work independently to accomplish your tasks.
  • Work with business unit partners to ensure requests are correctly identified, understood as to exactly what is required to accomplish the task, testing is completed and then deployment to production and post production support.

Job Description - Requirements:

  • (Required) C#, fluent in recent 7.x+ versions.
  • (Required) .NetCore 3.1+
  • (Required) Strong understanding of SQL, including writing joins and complex queries.
  • (Required) .Net Core 3.1 API fundamentals
  • (Preferred) Web design experience
  • (Preferred) Angular experience
  • (Preferred) Microsoft Power-BI Experience
  • Take business defined requests and turn into appropriate programming code.
  • Ability to review a business request, evaluate it on its merits, suggest alternatives, identify potential concerns or issues, work with business to modify or adjust as necessary.
  • Understand Dev-Ops culture including Agile project management and development.
  • Experience in unit, integration and user testing along with proper code documentation.
  • Provide estimates to complete coding tasks.
  • Follow Sheakley established coding standards and requirements.
  • Work hours required to achieve daily and weekly tasks and goals.

Soft Skills:

  • Communication skills: You will need effective listening and speaking skills in order to convey instructions to colleagues who are working on projects you are overseeing.
  • Interpersonal skills: Since software developers are part of a team, they must be able to get along and work well with others.
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving skills: The former will allow you to determine users' needs and the latter to troubleshoot problems that occur during the development life cycle.
  • Detail Oriented: You must be able to pay careful attention to multiple parts of the systems and applications on which you are working.
  • Creativity: As a developer, you will have to come up with ideas for new applications and systems.
  • Take Direction: Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, take direction from manager and team mates.
  • Education: Learn the business, the MCO is a medical related business and thus has its own language that you will need to learn and pick up on. Ability to self-educate when necessary. You may be given tasks that are outside your current comfort zone and will require you to research and learn how to solve the given task.

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