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Start Grow Sell
4 July 2021


85% of college grads affected by autism are unemployed.

Start Grow Sell is a job agency + business accelerator, specifically working with talented Neurodiverse, High-Functioning Autistic, Aspergers professionals build their path to personal independence and financial freedom.

Many people do not want to self-identify to their managers or colleagues, yet masking takes a heavy toll on your executive functioning. This is unsustainable and unnecessary. There's no masking with us; we'll work with you.

Your must have a solid resume and interviewing skills before we introduce you to employers. Securing a job requires special skills which you can use for the rest of your professional career.

If you need help with your career direction or resume, then we offer job coaching services. We are a private pay service. Our coaching will help you understand your strengths and maximize your earnings potential. Learning good habits early in your career is one of the best investments you can make.

What Kind of Jobs
Autistic Professionals have demonstrated excellent skills in STEM, Business, Creative Design:

- Animation

- Game Development

- Mathematics

- Programming

- Data

- Analytics

- Accounting / Finance

- IT

- Graphic Design / UI / UX

- Research / Writing

- QA

- Insurance

- Sales

- Training

We're not victims. Work with experts who understand you and have a solid track record in negotiating and closing employment / consulting deals. Capable adults do not want to be lumped into a charitable model. You want respect, independence from your parents and maximize your earning potential. We get You. We believe in free markets and liberty. We're a private, for-profit small business. We don't work with regional centers. We pay our staff market rate to ensure high quality output. We negotiate the highest rate for your skills and available bandwidth. We operate in a competitive job environment. We operate the same way you would manage your own business.

Find Job

You have very good skills but, for some reason, can't keep the job. We'll help you find the ideal work setting to be the most productive. We'll negotiate all the terms for you, so you can focus on your workload without burning out.

Please complete the form and paste your resume if you're ready to start working.

For Parents

When a Neurodiverse adult starts university / college or graduates and finds a job, sometimes they cannot complete the curriculum or keep up with their job. They end up back on the couch of their parents' home. This is the boomerang effect, because they end up right where they started - Full 360.

Solution - We have a job coaching program to train adults STEM skills, so they can start their career path ASAP. Some young adults pursue higher education, while some take a vocational path to get practical experience. In either case, the goal is for adults to find meaningful work and have a purpose in life. Every adult wants to become a productive member of society. Our program is for families who want to avoid the boomerang, by keeping them progressing not regressing.

Our program is private-pay: Skills Training, Internship, Financial Management, Job Search / Start Business, Business Operations. We don't work with regional centers. This is an investment with an ROI, depending on the adult's ability to learn new skills. We pay our staff market rate and ensure high quality output. STEM jobs are the highest paid jobs right now. Our goal is for your adult member to build their skills and maximize their earning potential. They can learn onsite in Lake Merritt - Oakland or online.

Please complete the form to schedule our initial call.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary, Internship

Pay: From $15.00 per hour


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift

Supplemental Pay:

  • Commission pay

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote

Work Remotely:

  • Yes


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