GO Senior Back-end Developer (Remote)

9 July 2021


We help creative companies organize their chaos and engage their teams.

Artella is the collaboration platform used by game developers/teams (Riot Games, Wildlife Studios, Electronic Arts and more) and online learning companies (Animation Mentor) to manage their files (pipeline in the cloud), feedback (media review tools) and progress.

Highly engaged, hands-on team who values ideas and collaboration.
Fun, creative remote working environment flexible to global time zones.
Artist driven design and functionality from people who have worked at Pixar, Disney, WETA and more.

We're a remote working, distributed team with staff in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Spain.
Back end tech stack contains: Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch and a collection of GO web services.
We collaborate using: Artella, Github, Slack, Asana and Zoom.

Key Skills
Ability to quickly navigate new situations, identify issues, and make improvements.
Strong communication skills, especially when discussing complex topics with other engineers and non-technical contributors.
Strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, and information retrieval.
Understanding of internet security standards and best practices.
Strong debugging skills, ability to locate and identify source(s) of failure.
You are someone that others enjoy working with due to your technical competence and positive attitude.

Experience in VFX, Film, Animation, Video Game development
Knowledge of 3rd party APIs from Autodesk, Foundry, Adobe, etc
Video Encoding, macOS Development


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