Full Stack Web Engineer at Arbour GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

7 April 2021
Berlin, Germany


About us

Arbour is a B2B FinTech company aiming to make Alternative Investment Markets transparent and achieve an efficient capital flow to SMEs, the core of the “real economy”. 

The Arbour platform eliminates billions of dollars of intermediaries and revolutionises a highly important sector of the financial market. Our vision is a credit market that energises the real economy - securing diverse income sources for savers and better financing for SMEs.

About the role

You will be one of the very first developers in our young startup. You will be part of a company during its early scale-up phase with invaluable insights and possibilities. 

You will think on your feet, discover and solve problems, give input to all steps of the development process and influence our product on a fundamental level. 

Being part of Arbour will give you the unique opportunity to bring change to an incomprehensibly large and at the same time under-digitised market, all while doing what you have passion for and being challenged regularly.

Who you are 

Web development is your game. You know the ins and outs of web frontends just as you know how to scale a PostgreSQL on EC2. Your favourite book is called “MDN”. 

You are a team player and communicator. You are efficient and effective. Your philosophy is “agile or the highway”. You love to code and you love to create. 

Most of all though, you know what you don’t know and are ready to learn and teach, accept and give feedback and be an integral part of a team.

What we offer 

At Arbour, you will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with experts in a diverse set of fields with decades of experience – the embodiment of “fintech”. 

You will have all the possibilities to create and shape a product that will have a fundamental impact on the global economy. We offer a high degree of freedom and support in personal and professional development. We work with modern tech, tools and processes and provide you with the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of dev culture.

How to apply 

Send your application to jobs@arbourglobal.com or via Stack Overflow. We do not care about certificates, but we do care about getting to know you better, which is why we love to read your cover letter!


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