Data Scientist

6 April 2021


What are we trying to do?
We see an increased need for the wide business to explore and unveil the value hidden in the big amount of data we’re gathering every day. We want to growth substantially the data science team for modelling and developing innovative solutions across the group. Being a big player of services and information retrieval in many aspects of the Financial Markets put us in a privileged position, and we want to give our clients the benefit of primary data quality and analytical approach, in order to make it easier for them to discover values in their business and leverage them. This is possible when you conjugate a rigorous, clear and well proved methodology, to good quality data, deep understanding of the market, research and use of the most advanced technologies.
What do we need help with?
We need people that can think in a mathematical, solid way, business problems that are relevant for us and for our clients. Using the most advanced technologies in data analysis, we need people to be able to reframe the problems under study, propose an innovative modelling, find the relevant data and present the rational of the solution. We need people able to help with others’ ideas, bring different points of view, test, refine, enrich the solution that will enable us to give answers to unmet (and often, not completely known) needs.
What will you do?
You will be exposed to high level business ideas for new products, new technologies in the sector. You’ll be asked to form an opinion, look for counter examples, come up with proposals and tests to corroborate or discharge the hypothesis, unveil dynamics that keep us and our clients ahead of the competition.
Using the recent advances in technology for big data (machine learning, AI etc), you’ll be able to put them at work, customize, imagine and engineer innovative solutions.
What you’ll need to know:
You need to be able to model and abstract relevant features in the problems under exam. You need to have a scientific mindset and approach to problem solving. You need to be able to structure the manipulation of large sets of data. You need to be able to suggest what can make the analysis better, which data can cross check the assumptions, how we can retrieve those data in an effective and scalable way. Knowledge of Python or R or Matlab (or some other programming language) is required.

Required capabilities:
PhD in Mathematics, Physics or other scientific disciplines. Previous experience in modeling complex problems.
Previous strong experience in coding.
Knowledge of Python, or R, or Matlab.
Industry knowledge is not essential.
Fluent in English.
Team player.
Be creative and innovative
Who you are:
You are a dynamic, creative, self-starter and team player, honest, goal-driven, good listener, persistent. You understand complexity and appreciate the different priorities in organizing work. You understand how to be effective in managing different tasks, and you can find the right trade-off between horizontal and vertical approach in problem-solving.
Who we are?
Automation positively transforms the lives of people and business. Our software helps you improve decision-making, increase efficiency, simplify complex processes and empower your people. We enable financial institutions, central banks and corporations to digitize and automate their most business-critical processes. We are reinventing the way business is done through innovations in automation technology.
We encourage creativity by automating repetitive tasks.
We think long-term to get it right the first time
We are not limited by the status quo: we challenge boundaries, question assumptions and make transformative leaps.

Job Location:
This role is partially remote and can work-from-home when not needed to be in our corporate offices. You must live within a commutable distance from Pisa or Milan or Turin.

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