API Developer with C# experience

19 July 2021


Do you want to do a job that truly matters? We're hiring engineers to build out a technology platform that will help millions of students all around the world as soon as Fall 2021! Our ed tech enablement will help them learn interactively about how to build a sustainable world, and then the business itself, Ads4Earth will help them and their communities fund their schools, environmental impact work, and even help them create regenerative economy businesses of the future. This project is sophisticated so that for end users (which we call Reclaimers!), it is easy to use- making it easy to create a better world. This position is remote, on a fully remote team, so we welcome nomads and people who want a permanent home with an aggressive growth stage B-Corp. Live where you want, work the hours right for you, and save the world.

So don't just do a job. Join the Ads4Earth team, Architects of Change, and make a difference.

Ads4Earth is looking for an API developer to join our technology team who can develop in C# and has a strong understanding of data architecture and mobile app development. The API layer is our connection between our data and the app front-end and the candidate will be responsible for working with our team to continue to develop a full-stack mobile application.


2+ years of C# programming experience

2+ Years in API development

Experience working with Azure Apps, GitHub

Applicants should be proficient in documenting their code and working within a structured environment such as GitHub. We’re interested in talented people who can build scalable sustainable solutions.

This role is fully remote position but candidates will be expected to be present and be available for all meetings and manage aggressive execution timetables.


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