“Domination,” “Never Run Out Of Ammo,”A Mark Zuckerberg Production”


Zuckerberg’s Facebook page 2006


Interest: Domination

Favourite quote: Never run out of ammo

Don’t tell me you weren’t warned!!!

This is just a quick note to say that pending the outcome of the recent reports by Frances Haugen and her evidence before Congress we have removed links to Facebook and Instagram. (See 60 Minutes interview.) And we have disabled our Instagram account (not that it was used much), perhaps temporarily perhaps permanently. I don’t think we have a Facebook page. I hope not. We still have a twitter account (although for how much longer?) and a LinkedIn account (they seem harmless enough…so far). 

Facebook and, especially, Instagram are damaging to the young and impressionable. But we could have at least generously assumed that the powers that be at Facebook were oblivious. The whistleblower report is clear on this, they do know. Chasing clicks on Facebook is causing political parties to take more extreme positions. And when you become a tool to enable genocide…

Just say no.

Nancy Reagan



Everything that feels so good is bad, bad, bad (Hey, hey)

Weezer, 2021. One of Zuckerberg’s favourite bands