Databases in Hard Real Time

McObject launches true real-time deterministic database for embOS Real-Time Operating System applications

McObject has announced the release of eXtremeDB/rt, the first commercial off-the-shelf deterministic, hard real-time, database management system. eXtremeDB/rt is available immediately for the embOS real-time operating system from SEGGER.

A true deterministic real-time database system guarantees that transactions complete (commit or rollback) within a set deadline. Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) guarantee that tasks complete within their CPU budget. Both capabilities are mandatory to maintain internal and external consistency of data. Without a deadline guarantee, database systems that claim to be “fast enough” cannot be used in hard real-time systems.

eXtremeDB/rt is founded on the technology of the eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database management system. First released in 2001, eXtremeDB has been deployed in over 30 million systems by industry leaders around the globe because it offers low memory footprint, exceptional performance, intuitive API, as well as features to ensure database integrity. These attributes were an essential foundation for creating eXtremeDB/rt, which brings new time-cognizant transaction schedulers and significant instrumentation into the database kernel to enforce transaction deadlines.

SEGGER’s embOS, like eXtremeDB/rt, claims ease of use, guarantees 100% deterministic real-time operation, and optimizations to maximize performance while minimizing footprint.

SEGGER’s CEO, Ivo Geilenbruegge, said “We are excited that McObject has created a first-of-its-kind real-time database system to complement our embOS RTOS and extend support for hard real-time systems to include database operations. Real-time systems are following the trend of embedded systems in that they are being called upon to manage more (and more complex) data. embOS guarantees 100% deterministic real-time operation for each embedded device, while eXtremeDB/rt ensures data consistency over time,” explained Mr. Geilenbruegge. “Both represent an ideal complement for developers of hard real-time systems.”

“embOS has enjoyed wide adoption since 1992, so supporting embOS was a priority for the commercial release of eXtremeDB/rt” said McObject CEO Steven Graves. “Our company’s shared commitment to delivering easy-to-use, resource-conserving, portable system software made partnering with SEGGER uncomplicated and natural.

eXtremeDB/rt is designed for use in resource-constrained, mission-critical embedded systems. Its ability to guarantee temporal consistency of data, small footprint, and frugal use of memory and CPU make it uniquely qualified for these applications.

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