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Back Of The Queue, Mr President?

24th April 2016 Paul 0

Shortly after the Queen’s 90th birthday, and the day before St George’s Day and the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, Barack Obama visits the UK and makes open threats about trade between the […]

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The EU Debate and Averages

12th October 2015 Paul 0

Don’t you hate it when you hear that the EU costs/benefits each UK citizen £x per annum? They make it sound like everyone pays/gets exactly the same every year, like either a personal membership fee […]

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You Naughty Spies

29th January 2014 Paul 0

I’d like to share statistics that I recently discovered after installing the Ghostery privacy tool, used for finding and blocking trackers on websites.There’s been a lot in the news about Edward Snowden and his information […]

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Have You Had An Illness That Wasn’t Your Fault?

14th November 2012 Paul 0

Scientific advance that is certain to be exploited by ambulance-chasing lawyers: DNA sequencing of MRSA used to stop outbreak. This is the beginning of the story that I’ve been predicting for years. Thanks to the […]

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