Brown Out

Following the election result (not that there has been an actual ‘result’) and while waiting for the horse trading to lead somewhere, there are only two things that are absolutely certain:

1. Brown will not be PM for much longer. Whether the LibDems do a deal with the Conservatives or with Labour or whether the Conservatives go it alone, Brown will be out. This will be a condition of any LibDem-Lab deal.

2. Even as I type, Labour politicians are speaking to their agents about publishing deals. There are so many of them with knives still sticking in their backs, aching to tell their side of the story of the last 13 years. I am particularly looking forward to hearing the truth about the bullying, temper tantrums and personality disorders of the Brown years. Keep your DSM IV to hand!

BTW if you’ve enjoyed the last few days then you’ll love Proportional Representation. Under such a system every election will be like this.