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This is No Longer Funny

10th March 2008 admin 0

I’ve been critical of much of quant modelling for many years. I don’t like the assumptions, the models, the implementations. I’ve backed this up with sound reasons and wherever possible tried to find alternative approaches […]

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Science in Finance V: Diversification

20th February 2008 admin 0

One of the first lessons in any course on quantitative finance will be about portfolio construction and the benefits of diversification, how to maximize expected return for a given level of risk. If assets are […]

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Science in Finance IV: The feedback effect

29th January 2008 admin 0

For every buyer there is a seller and vice versa. So at a first glance derivatives is a zero-sum game, someone wins and someone loses, and the amounts are identical. Therefore there can be no […]

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Science in Finance II “…ists”

10th December 2007 admin 0

A century or two ago, finance was the career for the less talented members of the family. Sons of the aristocracy would eventually go to sit in the House of Lords, while overseeing their property. […]

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