“Algo My Way, You Go Your Way”

My upcoming talk at the Quant Insights conference, 14th October, London, will be Algo My Way, You Go Your Way – Four Decades in Business.” More details about this conference can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/quant-insights-conference-tickets-26514482531.

Four decades?! Doesn’t time fly when you are working 25 hours a day, eight days a week?

Actually it’s closer to five decades than to four.

I’ll only be talking about my experiences a teeny bit. Most of my talk will be about YOU! And whether you are suited to running your own business. I get approached a lot by people with business ideas, and get asked for advice. My advice is rarely what people expect to hear. And it’s more often than not about the personalities rather than the business idea itself.

I’ll be completely avoiding all the hippy rubbish about following your dream, but will explain why OCD and ADHD can be beneficial.

Don’t expect any talk about cash flow (although that is important), but I will talk about the eight different types of intelligence and which one matters most.

95% of you will hate my talk because I shall inevitably conclude that you shouldn’t be running your own business.

But with fantastic talks by Andreas Binder, James Isilay, Yves Hilpisch, Susanne Chishti, Tony Boobier, Philippe Henrotte, Paul A. Bilokon and more, 100% of you will enjoy the conference!

See you there!