A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners Expands Relationship with QUODD’s Market Data Workstation

Collaboration will enable investment advisors to access real-time North American equities, options, and futures combined with timely intelligence to mutual fund/ETF data and ESG ratings

QUODD Financial Information Services (“QUODD”), a NewSpring Holdings platform company, has announced an expansion of the strategic partnership with A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners, an industry leader in wealth management, institutional, and corporate services with a global reach spanning offices all over the U.S. The relationship between QUODD’s industry-leading market data workstation, Equity+, with A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners over three decades of wealth management servicing continues to raise the bar in powering real-time information.

As the landscape for market data content and functionality continues to innovate, QUODD and A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners are pleased to offer the Equity+ platform to all current advisors and as a core component to all new advisors joining the firm. Users benefit from on-demand access to broad market data with thematic & multi-asset class securities pricing with rich descriptive content that fuels the timely, comprehensive, and reliable information that advisors have come to rely on a core workflow.

“Our wealth management process requires a platform fueling accurate and timely market data that our advisors can rely on to access finger-tip intelligence for making better decisions for our clients,” says Raffaele Gambardella, COO and Chief Risk Officer of A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners. “As A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners has an ongoing focus to upgrade and implement technology tools, our advisors’ business operations are positioned to be ever more responsive to the dynamic investment landscape that must be continuously monitored when managing and acquiring clients.”

“We are proud to deliver the market data content and platform that sets a higher standard for decision support, client servicing, and market intelligence in our industry,” says Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “Working with A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners over the years and now expanding the relationship is a testament to our shared mission to leverage financial technology for greater quality and timeliness of information with accompanying cost savings and operational efficiencies.”

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