Depending on context, the word “fix” can mean “set” or “determine,” “manipulate” or “rig,” as well as “repair” or “correct.” “In a fix” means to be in difficulty. In colloquial use, a “fix” is a […]


WILMOTT Magazine: November 2019 issue

Volume 2019, Issue 104. Pages 1–96 Every issue we bring you original material from some of the best columnists, educators and cutting-edge researchers. Subscribe here. In this issue: Bibliography “Contents,” Wilmott, vol. 2019, iss. 104, p. […]

Wilmott Inner Circle

What Is The Wilmott Inner Circle?

Membership of the Wilmott Inner Circle is a simple, free, upgrade to ordinary membership of It’s a bit like the Inner Circle of London’s famous Magic Circle, but with fewer sponge balls and rabbits. […]