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Bailouts, Ponzi Schemes and Green Issues

29th January 2009 Paul 0

The Lord of Darkness, Peter Mandelson, and I went to the same college, I am embarrassed to admit. (No, I could not have taken the opportunity to push a stake through his heart because he […]

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Financial Modelers’ Manifesto

8th January 2009 Paul 0

The Financial Modelers’ Manifesto Preface A spectre is haunting Markets – the spectre of illiquidity, frozen credit, and the failure of financial models. Beginning with the 2007 collapse in subprime mortgages, financial markets have shifted […]

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Economics Makes My Brain Hurt

1st January 2009 Paul 0

A friend of mine, you may know him, you certainly know ‘of’ him, has called for the return of a couple of economics Nobel Prizes. It’s Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in case you didn’t know. (I […]