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Results and Ideas: Two classical putdowns

10th June 2008 admin 0

I spoke recently at a very academic conference. I usually prefer trader and fund events because of their focus on practical matters. But this was in a place that I’d never visited and so I […]

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This is No Longer Funny

10th March 2008 admin 0

I’ve been critical of much of quant modelling for many years. I don’t like the assumptions, the models, the implementations. I’ve backed this up with sound reasons and wherever possible tried to find alternative approaches […]

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Science in Finance V: Diversification

20th February 2008 admin 0

One of the first lessons in any course on quantitative finance will be about portfolio construction and the benefits of diversification, how to maximize expected return for a given level of risk. If assets are […]

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Science in Finance IV: The feedback effect

29th January 2008 admin 0

For every buyer there is a seller and vice versa. So at a first glance derivatives is a zero-sum game, someone wins and someone loses, and the amounts are identical. Therefore there can be no […]

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