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Nurse, Hand Me That Scalpel

19th September 2008 admin 0

We all know that the relationship between credit-ratings agencies and the clients they rate is a corrupt one, reeking of moral hazard. Some of us have even laughed when told that a company is triple-A […]

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Where’s Hamlet?

16th September 2008 admin 0

We’ve seen the deaths of Polonius, Claudius, and Laertes, otherwise known as house-price falls, commodity-price rises and bank collapses. There still remains the death of Hamlet himself, the final double-digit percentage stock market crash. That […]

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The Same Old Same Old

1st September 2008 admin 0

Events of the last year seem to have passed a lot of researchers by. I find it both amusing and disturbing that the same people are still giving the same lectures about the same models […]

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Coming to a Wall Near You!

27th June 2008 admin 0

I just did a photoshoot for Portfolio magazine with the great Jason Bell (photographer to the stars!). He and his team of three (yes, three!) assistants set me up for all sorts of glam shots […]

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