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UnRisk: Exposure Skewness
Andreas Binder & Michael Aichinger

Swap 4175 between the City of Linz and BAWAG P.S.K. Is currently the subject of a trial at Vienna's commercial court. This article examines how a single instrument CVA calculation for Swap 4175 could be carried out. In such a CVA calculation, market risk and counterparty risk are coupled.

CQF Turns Eleven
Wilmott Magazine

As the Certificate in Quantitative Finance marks its 11th year we take a look at the history of a program that has built a reputation on delivering far beyond expectations.

Options Embedded in Physical Money: Working Paper
Espen Gaarder Haug & John Stevenson 4953 Views

Embedded options in the world's physical monies, both coin and paper, are introduced. The option value for base metal coins is presented. The various strategies for redemption by the owner and the prevention of redemption by the issuer (central banks) are discussed. The market values of gold coins are discussed in light of the embedded option valuation. In conclusion, the rational behavior of both individuals and central banks in light of these valuations is described. (This paper is a short version of that published in Wilmott magazine in March 2009.)

Global Derivatives & Risk Management 2015 | 18-22 May, 2015. Hotel Okura, Amsterdam - 15% Wilmott Discount
Global Derivatives & Risk Management 2015
18-22 May, 2015. Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

15% Discount for readers - VIP Code: FKN2428WILW

Global Derivatives brings together leading quants, traders, risk managers and academics from all over the world to discuss the key challenges affecting the derivatives market. Attending will enable you to:

  • Hear technical details of the latest research being done by leading financial minds
  • Learn cutting edge volatility, correlation, interest rate, FX, equities & credit modelling techniques
  • Discover practical solutions to the challenges you face & learn how to implement them when you get back in the office
  • Meet and learn from hundreds of senior derivatives professionals

    Further information:
    Telephone no.: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200
    Email address:
    Event URL:
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