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How I Successfully Forecast The Results Of The UK General Election 2015
Paul Wilmott 885 Views
Brought to you by and the CQF Institute, Dr. Paul Wilmott talked about how he applied elementary quantitative finance techniques in the run up to the UK General Election 2015 to successfully predict the next government.
Comparisons are made between elections and derivatives valuation, and this allows forecasting pitfalls to be avoided, pitfalls that most, if not all, professional forecasters fell into. The results were thus far better than those made by said professionals.
The Capital Growth - The Theory Of Investment: Part 2: Wilmott Magazine Article
Bill Ziemba 3920 Views

Using the Kelly criterion for betting on favorable (unpopular) numbers in lotto games - even with a substantial edge and very large payoffs if we win - the bets are extremely tiny because the chance of losing most or all of our money is high.

V-FI London 2015 - Main Conference: 17 - 18 June 2015 - 10% Discount
V-FI London 2015

Pre-Conference Workshop: 16 June 2015
Main Conference: 17 - 18 June 2015
Post-Conference Workshop: 19 June 2015


Visit the website for full details and to register
After the great success of V-FI 2014, Europe?s leading valuation figures will gather once again in London this June. With over 200 in attendance in 2014 this is the must attend event for the valuation community.

Highlights for 2015 include:
60+ Valuation industry speakers
200+ attendees
Regulatory & Academic Keynotes
Industry-led panel discussions
Technical Control & Quant Streams

Visit the website for full details and to register - Quote VIP Code FKM62979WMTW for your special 10% discount!
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