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Audio Visual Author Views Posted
How I Successfully Forecast The Results Of The UK General Election 2015 Paul Wilmott 3794 Views 27/05/2015
Finance Focus Session with MathWorks, developers of MATLAB: Parallel Computing and GPUs Jos Martin and Ben Tordoff 1563 Views 12/10/2012
The Art of Differentiating Computer Programs: An Introduction to Algorhythmic Differentation Uwe Naumann 6868 Views 13/08/2012
NAG Wilmott Quant Event - New York - 7th December 2011 Nicholas J Higham & Paul G Hipes 4525 Views 17/01/2012
Finance Focus Event with NAG and Wilmott - London 2011 Ely Klepfish, Craig Lucas & Uwe Naumann 5707 Views 04/07/2011
The Role of Mathematics in Finance: Relevance, Reliance, Robustness Paul Wilmott 18909 Views 26/04/2011
Finance Focus: Incorporating News And Sentiment Analysis Into Investment And Trading Strategies Richard Brown 8195 Views 10/01/2011
The Blank Swan by Elie Ayache: Finance Focus lecture recording Elie Ayache 8805 Views 01/11/2010
'Finance Focus' recording Part3 - Recent Developments from NAG John Holden, David Sayers & Robert Tong 1192 Views 23/11/2009
'Finance Focus' recording Part2 - Using GPUs in computational finance Mike Giles 2454 Views 09/11/2009
'Finance Focus' recording Part1 - Computing a Nearest Correlation Matrix with Factor Structure Nick Higham 3539 Views 29/10/2009
'Finance Focus' event: The Risky Horror Show with Andreas Binder Organised by Wilmott magazine, 7city & UnRisk 9139 Views 13/10/2009
'Finance Focus' event: Finance Optimization using the Star-P Parallel Computing Platform Organised by Wilmott magazine and 7city and sponsored by Interactive Supercomputing presented by Andrew Greenwell 1259 Views 02/03/2009
'Finance Focus' event: Time series databases for high-performance Quantitative Analysis Organised by Wilmott magazine and 7city and sponsored by Sybase presented by Mike Servent 3759 Views 24/09/2008
NAG Quant Day London 2008: Quantitative Modelling & Financial Market Dynamics NAG, Wilmott & 7City 12917 Views 25/03/2008
'Finance Focus' event: Understanding the Financial Markets in the Subrime Era Bill Ziemba & organised by Wilmott magazine and 7city and sponsored by d-fine 15799 Views 11/02/2008
Can you count on your correlation matrix? : Finance Focus Nicholas J Higham: University of Manchester 21387 Views 22/05/2007
Software issues in wavelet analysis of financial data: Finance Focus lecture Robert Tong - NAG Ltd 16118 Views 21/02/2007
Singular perturbation problems arising in mathematical finance: fluid dynamics concepts in option pricing. Peter W Duck - University of Manchester - Finance Focus sponsored by NAG 18196 Views 02/01/2007
History of Monte Carlo Methods - Palisade Conference: Audio Podcast Paul Wilmott 5555 Views 25/09/2006
The Scandal of Prediction: Audio podcast Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Finance Focus sponsored by d-fine) 7549 Views 10/07/2006
Finance Focus With Aaron Brown: That's No Way to Run an Economy Wilmott & 7city 7583 Views 16/06/2006
Volatility Forecasting, Option Trading and CrashMetrics Paul Wilmott 11793 Views 02/05/2006
Asian Pyramid Power Espen Haug & 7city 12084 Views 27/03/2006
The Binomial Method Lecture Paul Wilmott & 7city 20035 Views 24/03/2006
CQF Open Day Presentation Paul Wilmott & 7city 2174 Views 24/03/2006
PWOQF2 - Paul Wilmott On Quantitative Finance, Second Edition Launch Wilmott Team 3001 Views 06/03/2006
Finance Focus Recording With Andreas Binder - Can You Feel the Heat? Inverse Problems in Finance Andreas Binder - Sponsored by UnRisk, d-fine and 7city 2379 Views 19/02/2006
Finance Focus recording with Dominic Connor - C++ with Confidence Wilmott magazine, 7city, sponsored by d-fine - presented by Dominic Connor 18598 Views 13/06/2005
Finance Focus Recording With Elie Ayache, ITO33 - The Non-Greek Non-foundation of Derivative Pricing Wilmott magazine, 7city and sponsored by d-fine, presented by Elie Ayache of ITO33 7783 Views 26/04/2005
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