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Title Author Views Posted
Optimal Hedging Strategies With an Application to Hedge Fund Replication: Wilmott Magazine Article Alexandre Hocquard, Nicolas Papageorgiou & Bruno Rémillard 92 Views 07/04/2014
The Value of Liquidity: Wilmott Magazine Article Ranjan Bhaduri & Niall Whelan 191 Views 20/03/2014
Stochastic Processes in Finance - Part II: Wilmott Magazine Article Jörg Kienitz 284 Views 03/03/2014
The Valuation of Callable Bonds with Floored CMS-spread Coupons: Wilmott Magazine Article David Skovmand and Peter Løchte Jørgensen 579 Views 17/02/2014
General Monte Carlo Greeks in Practice: Wilmott Magazine Article Qimou Su and Curt Randall 886 Views 03/02/2014
Importance Sampling with BasketOptions: Wilmott Magazine Article Paolo Guasoni and Scott Robertson 464 Views 21/01/2014
Analytical Techniques for Synthetic CDOs and Credit Default Risk Measures in Static Factor Models: Wilmott Magazine Article A. Antonov, S. Mechkov, and T. Misirpashaev 516 Views 05/01/2014
Pricing with Finite Differences in the Heath-Jarrow-Morton Framework: Wilmott Magazine Article Kin Pong Lee & Domingo Tavella 596 Views 16/12/2013
Least Squares Importance Sampling for Libor Market Models: Wilmott Magazine Article Luca Capriotti 599 Views 02/12/2013
Lévy Processes in Finance and Risk Management: Wilmott Magazine Article Peter Tankov 935 Views 18/11/2013
Preventing Portfolio Losses by Hedging Maximum Drawdown: Wilmott Magazine Article Jan Vecer 1239 Views 04/11/2013
Fast Estimation of American Bond Option Prices: Wilmott Magazine Article Snorre Lindset, Arne-Christian Lund 560 Views 23/10/2013
Stochastic Volatility Inference with Monte Carlo Filters: Wilmott Magazine Article Nikolay Y. Nikolaev & Evgueni Smirnov 813 Views 10/10/2013
The Importance of being Global. Application of Global Sensitivity Analysis in Monte Carlo Option Pricing: Wilmott Magazine Article Sergei Kucherenko, Nilay Shah 703 Views 24/09/2013
The Irony In The Derivatives Discounting: Wilmott Magazine Article Marc Henrard 1520 Views 12/09/2013
Letters from a Steel Town: Calibration problems - An inverse problems view: Wilmott Magazine Article Heinz W. Engl 955 Views 29/08/2013
Jump Diffusion, Mean and Variance: How to Dynamically Hedge, Statically Hedge and to Price: Wilmott Magazine Article Hyungsok Ahn and Paul Wilmott 1171 Views 07/08/2013
Stochastic Processes in Finance - Part I: Wilmott Magazine Article Jörg Kienitz 2059 Views 25/07/2013
CDOs in Chains: Wilmott Magazine Article Johan de Kock, Holger Kraft & Mogens Steffensen 609 Views 11/07/2013
A Structural Model for Credit-Equity Derivatives and Bespoke CDOs: Wilmott Magazine Article Claudio Albanese & Alicia Vidler 610 Views 24/06/2013
Software Frameworks in Quantitative Finance, Part I Fundamental Principles and Applications to Monte Carlo Methods: Wilmott Magazine Article Daniel J. Duffy & Joerg Kienitz 1372 Views 03/06/2013
An Asymptotic FX Option Formula in the Cross Currency Libor Market Model: Wilmott Magazine Article Atsushi Kawai & Peter Jäckel 733 Views 15/05/2013
Finformatics - Rootless Vol: Wilmott Magazine Article Kent Osband 1238 Views 26/04/2013
The Implied Loss Surface of CDOs: Wilmott Magazine Article Martin Krekel & Jan Partenheimer 958 Views 08/04/2013
Forecasting the Yield Curve with S-Plus: Wilmott Magazine Article Dario Cziráky, PhD 1530 Views 22/03/2013
Amaranthus Extermino: Wilmott Magazine Article Bill and Rachel Ziemba 1047 Views 06/03/2013
The Market Price of Interest-rate Risk: Measuring and Modelling Fear and Greed in the Fixed-income Markets: Wilmott Magazine Article Riaz Ahmad & Paul Wilmott 3072 Views 18/02/2013
Resampling vs. Shrinkage for Benchmarked Managers: Wilmott Magazine Article Michael Wolf 399 Views 28/01/2013
Derivatives Pricing and Trading in Incomplete Markets: A Tutorial on Concepts: Wilmott Magazine Article Dennis Yang 1091 Views 10/01/2013
The Little Heston Trap: Wilmott Magazine Article Hansjörg Albrecher, Philipp Mayer, Wim Schoutens & Jurgen Tistaert 1190 Views 18/12/2012
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