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Wilmott is the leading resource for the Quantitative Finance community on the web with active users comprised of both practitioners in investment banks and academics involved in research and teaching. As a service it is unique; presenting the very latest thinking in derivatives, risk modeling and quantitative techniques, and bringing together both academics and practitioners to further develop these ideas, share information, and critique theory through practice. Discussion occurs through a very active online forum.

Dr Paul Wilmott - Founder

Paul is a researcher, author, consultant, lecturer and expert witness working in risk management, derivatives and most things quantitative in finance. He has written over 100 research papers in mathematics and finance, and several best-selling, and some would say ground-breaking, text books including: Paul Wilmott On Quantitative Finance, Paul Wilmott Introduces Quantitative Finance and Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance. He founded the website you are now reading, the eponymous quant magazine, a successful volatility arbitrage hedge fund and the world's largest, high-level quant education program, the Certificate in Quantitative Finance. Paul is one of the authors of the Financial Modelers' Manifesto.

Paul Wilmott has been called "cult derivatives lecturer" (Financial Times), "the smartest of the quants, he may be the only smart quant" (Portfolio magazine), "the finance industry's Mozart" (Sunday Business), "financial mathematics guru" (BBC) and "arguably the most influential quant today" (Newsweek)

Dan Tudball - Editor of Wilmott magazine

Dan joined Wilmott after five years working with leading consumer publishers in South East Asia, where amongst other things he was the launch editor of FHM in Singapore - the first international edition of the leading men's magazine. He assures us, however, that quantitative finance is just as sexy.

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